My interest in art first started in photography many years ago as a hobby. It then elevated to a serious endeavor which included building my own black & white darkroom and creating a photographic portfolio. This resulted in many solo and group exhibits in New Jersey where I resided at the time. I relocated to Pennsylvania in 2007 and have continued to be included in many photographic exhibitions in the area.

During this time I started to expand my interest in art by designing posters in which I use my photography along with text to complete an idea or concept. My posters often take a critical view of social and cultural issues as well as whimsical fantasies. From the single poster depicting a thought or impression, to a multiple poster exhibit where I have engaged subjects as diverse as the history of the American Steam Railroad, the 1902 Pennsylvania Coal Miners' Strike or the American Circus, my poster projects are intended to inform and entertain with motivating subjects using art and design elements.

My most recent attempt is applying these design components and ideas into acrylic and watercolor paintings. In painting my style has taken a somewhat abstract and conceptual path. I try to do this by transferring my ideas and design into abstract elements using lines, shapes, forms, color and space. My intent is for the viewer to get a feeling of appreciation, balance and awareness through art and design.

I think it’s important for art to constantly move in new directions and to take chances. The unintentional design or one’s mistakes are sometimes the key to a further understanding and appreciation of art.

Thanks for taking the time to view my work. I am currently promoting some of my own exhibits, and would welcome any inquiries regarding gallery or curator representation. Contact me if you have any questions or comments about my work.

Al Pierce